Exploring the Outdoors with Air Pup Dog Shoes

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Exploring the Outdoors with Air Pup Dog Shoes


Exploring the Outdoors with Air Pup Dog Shoes

Whether you live in a bustling city like New York or on a more rural farm in Ohio, you and your pup can benefit from owning a set of dog boots.

Before you set out for an adventure with your pup, ask yourself how dangerous the terrain is. Will you be walking or hiking with your pup for several miles? What is the temperature outside? All of these questions are important as you decide how to properly dress yourself and your dog.

Are you going for a hike?

If hiking with your pup, it would be wise to pack a set of dog boots with you. Depending on the terrain, you may want your dog to wear shoes from the very beginning. Or you can have the dog boots in your bag and put them on your pup if you encounter dangerous ground. Areas to use shoes and caution would be terrain with lots of sharp rocks, thorns, or foxtails. Furthermore, dog boots can give your dog additional traction on uneven surfaces.  

How far do you plan to travel with your pup?

For long adventures, we advise that our customers pair Air Pup socks with Air Pup shoes for added comfort. Our socks wick sweat in the summer and add warmth in the winter. Additionally, dog socks provide extra cushioning and reduce the risk of any hot spots from forming. Dog socks are also recommended for dogs who have prominent dew claws that typically rub with the use of dog shoes.

Will you be walking on city streets?

If walking your dog in a city, it is important that you use extreme caution. Most heavily populated cities are littered with dangerous objects like broken glass and needles. In New York City, for instance, it is difficult to walk one block without seeing shards of broken glass scattered across the sidewalk. While you may see the large pieces of glass and walk around them, it is impossible to avoid stepping on all the tiny shards that are barely visible to the human eye. Dog shoes are the safest and most effective option as they create a barrier between your pup’s paws and the dangerous elements.

What is the temperature?

Dog boots are necessary in extreme cold and heat. Both extreme temperatures can burn your dog’s paw pads. Depending on the size of your dog, you may want to use shoes before the temperature drops to below freezing. Smaller dogs, for instance, typically need more protection from the cold than larger dogs.  

If your dog is walking on hot pavement, make sure it is not too hot. Check to see if you can place the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds. If you are unable to keep your hand against the concrete for 5 seconds, it is too hot for your dog to walk on the ground with bare paws. Asphalt can reach 125°F when the air temperature is only 77°F. At 125°F, skin destruction can occur in less than 60 seconds.

Are there chemicals on the ground?

If you are walking your dog where snow or ice has formed, there is most likely salt, too. Snow melting chemicals can burn your dog’s paw pads. Additionally, if your dog licks his or her paws after walking on these toxic chemicals, he or she can get very ill. Kidney failure or death can occur if your dog ingests a large enough amount.

Does your dog have allergies?

Environmental allergies are a common cause of itchy and inflamed skin, especially in the ears and on the paws. If your dog is allergic to pollen or mold, you may see him or her licking their paws after a walk during the spring and summer. Dog shoes can protect your dog’s paws from these irritating debris.

Want to be prepared for your next outdoor adventure with your pup? Check out www.airpup.com where you can protect your dog’s paws in style.   

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