Q. Why should my dog wear shoes?

A. Dog shoes help protect your dog's paws from sharp objects, such as broken glass, and seasonal elements. In the summer, the pavement can reach scorching hot temperatures that can lead to paw burns. In the winter, the salt used to melt ice and snow can cause chemical burns to their pads.

If your dog suffers from allergies, dog shoes are a great way to keep out irritating debris. Additionally, many dog owners like the ease of taking off shoes as opposed to washing their pup's paws before they come inside after each outing.

Q. How do I get my dog to wear shoes? 

A. If your dog has never worn shoes before, he or she will walk a bit funny when you first put them on. Some dogs will take to the shoes almost immediately and others will need to be trained over several days. We recommend starting with two shoes on the front paws first and allowing your dog to walk around for a few minutes at a time -- with lots of positive reinforcement and treats! When your dog gets used to the two shoes, add the back ones, and again reinforce with encouragement and treats. You may need to stretch the training out for 10-15 minutes a day over the course of a few days for your dog to be comfortable wearing them. For more information visit our tips & tricks page

Q. How do I know which size to order? 

A. Please see our sizing page with our size chart for details. 

Q. Do you offer split sizes? 

A. At this time being a small business in its infancy we do not offer split sizes. We find that most dogs should wear the same size Air Pups on all four paws. We suggest you select your pup's shoe size based on the front paw measurements since the front paws are often slightly larger than the back paws. 

Q. Will Air Pups stay on my dogs feet? 

A. Air Pups are designed to fit most paw sizes and to stay put! After the initial break-in period, the shoes should not budge with normal use. I walk and run Winston a minimum of 6 miles a day in his Air Pups and I never have to retrace my steps for a lost shoe. 

If the shoes are falling off, please double check to make sure you have ordered the correct size. Shoes that are too large will not be as secure as those that are more snug. Additionally, please make sure that your dog's nails are reaching the end of the toe box when securing the straps. If your pup's paws are not in all the way they are likely to fall off. 

Q. How long can my dog wear Air Pups? 

A. Air Pups are meant to be worn no more than a few hours at a time. While our shoes are designed with a breathable mesh, it is important that your dog's paws get time to air out. For prolonged use, such as using a shoe to cover a paw injury, or for older dogs who need traction on hardwood floors, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian first. 

Q. How often do I need to replace my dog's shoes? 

A. The lifespan of a set of Air Pups will depend on many factors: how often your dog is wearing the shoes, how many miles he or she is putting in them, and the types of surfaces that your dog is walking on. If you see holes in the bottom tread, it is time for a replacement. 

Q. Do dogs like wearing shoes? 

A. Like any foreign object put on a dog's body, such as a collar, harness, or coat, your dog will most likely have some type of reaction. With time and a little patience, the act of putting shoes on your dog can become as customary and familiar as putting on their collar or harness. Over time, your pup will make a positive association with his or her Air Pups and going on adventures with you.

Q. I've noticed some irritation on my dog's paw after wearing the shoes. Is this normal?

We're sorry to hear your dog shows signs of irritation. Just as humans need to break-in their shoes for the most comfort, the same holds true for dog shoes. We recommend starting with shorter walks in the beginning to get your dog used to the shoes and to break them in a bit. The shoes become more flexible and comfortable with each wear.

Just as our sneakers are more comfortable with socks, the same is true for dog shoes. One way to reduce the chance of irritation is to use socks with your Air Pups. Another option is to wrap the irritated area with vet wrap tape. Depending on the location of the dewclaw, some dog owners prefer to use a sock or self adhesive wrap over the dewclaw to keep it in place and prevent rubbing. 

Q. Do I have to pair dog shoes with dog socks? 

A. No, socks do not have to be worn with Air Pup shoes. However, we recommend it. Just as our shoes are more comfortable with socks, dog socks add comfort to your pup's paws. Additionally, if you are walking your pup long distances or your dog has a prominent dewclaw, a sock will reduce the chances of the shoe rubbing. I can walk Winston 10+ miles in his Air Pup shoes + Air Pup socks without any irritation. 

Air Pup socks are made with a thin, sweat-wicking material. There is no need to size up in the shoe to make room for the sock. Some customers find that a sock also enhances the fit of the shoe. 

Q. What makes Air Pup shoes different from other dog shoes on the market? 

A. My dog Winston is a very active pooch! Together we have put thousands of miles into the wear and tear of different dog shoes. What we found was that most of the dog shoes on the market either didn't stay on or were unattractive. Air Pups were designed with fit, function, and fashion in mind:

  • Our padded, breathable mesh is comfortable. Dogs sweat through their paws and many other shoes on the market that advertise as being waterproof are not only not waterproof, but they lock in all that moisture and odor! This can lead to health problems for your pup and the smell will leave your pup's paws not smelling or feeling so fresh. 
  • We've included reflective materials into our design for added visibility and safety. 
  • Air Pups have two adjustable straps so they are twice as secure. 
  • Our design is the first of its kind, both in structure and style. Unlike many dog shoe brands out there, Air Pups were designed to bend with each step of your dog's paw. When you walk your pup in these vegan patent leather kicks they are sure to turn some heads. Your dog will be envied by other dogs and dog owners alike! 
  • Air Pups are veterinarian tested and recommended

Q. What are Air Pup shoes made out of? 

A. Our shoes are made out of all man made materials: polyester mesh, ripstop nylon, rubber, hook & loop closures, and synthetic patent leather. 

Q. How do I wash my Air Pups? 

A. You may hand wash or put your Air Pups in the washing machine on cold. If using a washing machine, we recommend putting each shoe in a separate wash bag so that the velcro does not stick to themselves or other clothes. To prevent the patent leather toe box from creasing, wash the shoes by themselves or with a very light load of clothing. Air dry only. 

Q. How do I wash my Air Pup socks? 

A. Turn socks inside out for best results. Wash on cold. Air dry only.