To find out what size your pup is in Air Pup dog shoes, you will need a piece of paper, a ruler, a pen or pencil, and your pup. 

To begin, have your dog stand with one front paw on top of the piece of paper. Lift the adjacent paw so that your dog is bearing weight on the paw that you are measuring. By lifting the adjacent paw, you can be certain that the paw you are measuring is fully spread out as it would naturally when hitting the ground. 

With your pen or pencil, draw a line on each side of the widest part of the paw. Make sure to draw the line as close as possible to the edge of your pup's paw. 

With your ruler, measure the distance between those two lines. Once you have your paw width measurement, match the width with the corresponding size on our size chart. If your pup is in between sizes, we recommend sizing up. 

For accuracy, measure the front paws a couple of times. Here Winston measures 2.25 inches in width which corresponds to our size 4 shoe.

Need help figuring out your pup's size? Please email us at info@airpup.com